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Stay on top of volleyball terminology with Volleyball.Com. ACE. – A serve that is not passable and results immediately. in a point. ANTENNA. – The vertical rods (normally white and red) mounted near the edges of the net. The antennas are mounted. directly above the sidelines and are not-in-play.

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This is a list of common volleyball lingo, slang and jargon terms. # 4-2 5-1 6-2. A. Ace Antenna Approach Attack Block. B. Back Row Attack Beach Dig Beer Blash Block City Bump Pass Butter. C. Campfire Chicken Wing Cobra Cut Shot. D. Deep Dish Dig Dink Dinosaur-Dig Double Block Double Contact Double Hit Dump. E. End-Line. F. Fishing Five-One Flare Flipper Float Serve Four-Two Free Ball. G. Goofy. H.

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In some volleyball terminology a rally is synonymous with volley. Volley A volley is keeping the ball in play and returning it to your opponent without committing any playing faults. Rally Scoring When a match is played with the rule of sideout scoring, every rally results in a point being scored, either by the team serving or the team receiving.

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An assist is usually the second touch on the ball. Attack attempt: An attack attempt is recorded anytime a player attempts to hit the ball into the opponent’s court. It could be spiked, tipped ...

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Cheering in Volleyball. Most common terms and phrases used in volleyball. Attack An attack is also called a hit. An attack is a ball that a player strikes in an overhand motion in an attempt to win the point by knocking the ball to the floor of the opponent. Other volleyball lingo for "attacking" is "hitting" and "spiking". Spiking a Volleyball

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Volleyball Lingo and Slang. There are a lot of phrases and slang words that will be heard on the volleyball court. Here are a few for both athletes and fans to know. Roof/House/Stuff: A roof, house, or stuff is when a blocker effectively blocks a ball and it lands on the floor on the hitting team's side of the net.

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This format is hardly ever used anymore. Double Elimination, Modern Crossover: If you hear somebody say “Double Elim,” this is likely the format they are talking about. This is the tournament format that the AVP currently uses. Lose two and you’re eliminated, until the Semis; then it’s win or go home.

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dink. -an attack hit using the tips of your fingers and not the palm of your hand to push the ball over the net and over the opposing players blocking hands to an empty space on the court floor: Dink is another word for the for the "tip". Volleyball Word: "The tip" Pro player tips the ball over the block.