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Like many other oils, boiled linseed oil can make your bat look good because it acts as a polish that is capable of bringing back the natural luster of the wood that’s used to construct your cricket bat. Think of boiled linseed oil as a varnish that makes your cricket bat look spectacular. This is quite similar to how you use varnish on a wooden chair to make it as good as new. Then again, just because boiled linseed oil makes your cricket bat look good, it doesn’t mean that it’s the ...

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You should treat your cricket bat using raw linseed oil because it keeps the bat moist longer than boiled linseed oil. This has two benefits for your cricket bat: It keeps the bat fibers bound together throughout the bat’s life.

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Which Linseed Oil is best for a Cricket Bat? Raw or Boiled?

Your cricket bat should be treated with raw linseed oil. Raw linseed oil stays moist for longer than boiled linseed oil. This has dual benefits for your cricket bat. The first benefit is that it keeps the fibers of the bat beautifully bound together throughout the life of the bat. The second benefit is that it increases the elasticity of the fibers which ultimately leads to the best performance and ping from the bat.

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The most optimum oil to use for knocking in/breaking in a cricket bat is raw linseed oil as the properties of the oil tend to lock in the moisture content of the willow and impart a spring-like characteristic to the outer core of wood. This should be the characteristic you should be looking from the oil you use to knock in the bat.

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Unless specifically told otherwise cricket bats require oiling with raw linseed oil (do not use boiled linseed oil) or special cricket bat oil. A minimum of two coats (preferably three) should be applied to the bat leaving 24 hours between coats for the oil to dry and soak in

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How to Oil a Cricket Bat: The Complete Guide - Village Cricket Co

How to Oil Your Bat. Apply 2-3 teaspoons of oil to the face of the bat. You can use an old piece of rag but it doesn’t matter if you use your fingers. Make sure you don’t oil the splice, or within a CM of the splice. The oil should cover the face of the bat, the edges, the heel, and about 4 CM from the edges on the back of the bat.

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Raw Linseed Oil. Can you over oil a cricket bat? It’s possible to over oil a bat. This makes the bat too moist and doesn’t provide the right “crack” off the willow. Most people agree that once a season (in between seasons) is the right time to oil your bat. You shouldn’t need to do it again until the next off-season.

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Specifically, only raw linseed oil is usually used in oiling cricket bats, but linseed oil from the crafts store can work just the same and can still guarantee the same results as the raw linseed oil. How to Oil Your Cricket Bat? 1. Application of the linseed oil. Apply about 2-3 drops of the raw linseed oil over the face of the bat. With the help of an old rag, or your finger would suffice just as well, whichever you prefer, spread the oil all over the face of the bat, along its edges, its ...